Created for the Impossible – 
Break Every Hindering Thought, Believe What God Says About You


Releasing MAY, 16 2017 everywhere books are sold
Publisher: Destiny Image


God has an amazing plan for your life!!

Maybe you’ve heard it a million times: “God has an amazing plan for you…”

Jesus Himself said that nothing would be impossible if you believe. But for so many Christians, this has not been their experience. Why?

Because there is a major hindrance that keeps Christ-followers from believing God’s promises and actually walking in the miraculous power that God has made available–the thoughts they agree with.

In Created for the Impossible, Krissy Nelson draws from her history of powerful God-encounters and shares relevant Biblical accounts. These are not mere stories–they are invitations for you to start hearing words of hope spoken straight from Heaven over you:

“My child, you can do anything; nothing is impossible for you!”

Learn how to:

  • Identify thoughts of fear, unbelief, and shame so you can quickly shut down the attacks of the enemy.
  • Exchange wrong thoughts for what God says about you and learn how to let His promises supernaturally adjust your thinking.
  • Watch as your beliefs about God, your identity and your calling agree with what God says.

Krissy Nelson draws her readers into deeper understanding of relationship with God. She uses her own beautiful testimonies and the Word of God to demonstrate what our lives can look like when we ‘dare to dream,’ with God and know who we are in Him.

–Heidi G. Baker, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO of Iris Global
Bestselling author of Birthing the Miraculous


Created for the Impossible is a book birthed out of Krissy Nelson’s genuine, prophetic, destiny-defining encounters with God—and the wonderful thing is, these encounters are not exclusive to the author. Krissy presents her personal experiences as unique invitations for you to meet God in the same ways. Sure, the unfolding of your story will be different than hers. It should be! However, I encourage you to pay close attention to the powerful, prophetic words that Krissy shares out of her own history with God—one of those might very well be a conduit that connects you with the voice of the Lord, summoning you into unexplored, uncharted territories of living beyond the confines of anything you could hope, dream or imagine. And yet, doesn’t that sound like the Lord?

As publisher of Destiny Image, this is one of those unique books that captures the DNA of what founding publisher and prophet, Don Nori Sr., envisioned when he received the mandate to publish the prophets. Krissy would not classify herself as a prophet, but her book contains a relatable, yet prophetic edge that—I promise—will release a glorious divine discontentment over you. Discontentment for “normal” living. Discontentment for just going through the everyday motions. Discontentment with waiting for some big break before you step out and walk in the assignment of the Lord for your life. Reading Created for the Impossible releases a life over you that awakens dead and dormant areas to new God-possibilities right where you are!

This is no static endorsement. I highly commend both the message and the messenger to you! I have ministered alongside Krissy Nelson and have seen her heart for God in action. She’s the real deal.

As you get ready to dive in, remember: when you discover that you were born to challenge the impossibilities of life, small thinking and small living go out the door and you will find yourself running into the wide-open Kingdom-advancing, mountain-taking, territory-conquering life that Jesus made available for you!

—Larry Sparks
Publisher, Destiny Image
Author of Breakthrough Faith, compiler of Ask for the Rain, and co-author of The Fire That Never Sleeps

I am certain that Joseph struggled to hold on to his God-given dreams while in slavery and prison. All dreamers have to learn how to nurture their dreams until those dreams come into fruition. Krissy Nelson’s book, Created for the Impossible, will inspire you to dream again as you see God’s hand actively involved in the tapestry of your daily life. Everyone needs to dream and every dreamer needs to read this book.

—Richard Crisco
Lead Pastor, Rochester Christian Church
Rochester, Michigan

In Created for the Impossible, my friend Krissy Nelson uncovers the unfathomably awesome truths about what God believes about you. Then, in her usual winsome, graceful way, she explores how to partner with Him to break out of the box of small thinking … to dream impossible dreams … to fearlessly follow Him into more than you could ever hope or imagine. Get ready to join Krissy on a spellbinding journey to finally experience the adventure God designed for you!

—Kyle Winkler
Author of Activating the Power of God’s Word
and creator of the Shut Up, Devil! App

In her book Created for the Impossible, Krissy Nelson draws her readers into deeper understanding of relationship with God. She uses her own beautiful testimonies and the Word of God to demonstrate what our lives can look like when we “dare to dream,” with God and know who we are in Him. As you read this book, I pray that you will know the profound love God has for you and the huge destiny over your life. You really are created for the impossible.

—Heidi G. Baker, PhD 
Co-Founder and CEO of Iris Global
Bestselling author of Birthing the Miraculous

 “Without vision we perish. If there is a flicker of hope or embers of a dream allow the words in this book to breath upon them and by the grace of God dare to do the impossible with Him. Krissy Nelson pulls faith from within you and draws you to posture yourself to do what only God can conceive.”

—Mary Wells
Co-Founder, His Reward Ministries

Reading Krissy’s book is like taking a walk with a good friend. You realize that as Krissy continues to speak, the path you share reflects her journey.  One step at a time you are led to a beautiful vista where you can see yourself as God sees you. Read this book and be uplifted!

—Pastors Bob and Sharon Ona
First Assembly
Fargo, North Dakota

I found Krissy Nelson’s book an intriguing read.  Once started it was hard to put down.  I appreciated not only her transparency and the story of her journey, I also found her insights into the Lord’s leading and guiding us very helpful and useful in everyday living. It’s a very practical book along with good life principles!  A must read for all of us on the journey to get closer to the Lord.

—Dr. Evon G. Horton
Senior Pastor
Brownsville Assembly
Pensacola, Florida

I’ve seen many books and heard numerous sermons on “Identity,” but Krissy Nelson’s Created for the Impossible stands out above them all. Through her own down to earth stories, showered with lessons learned from her own life and her children, she led me to a deeper faith and a fresh perspective on identity in Christ. This is Krissy’s genuine, heart-felt, true life story of how she walked out of pain and discouragement into a life which exudes with contagious joy. Her life shines brightly with the love and light of Jesus, and this book will inspire your heart to shine as well.
What I love the most is that every chapter is anchored in the centrality of the cross and sprinkled with the blood of the Lamb. As you read these pages, you will see that your story has been woven into His-story with a beautiful crimson thread. You will indeed discover that it’s OK to color outside the lines, and when you open the shining gift God has for you, as Krissy says, the breath of God will release over you and the Holy Spirit will burst inside you as a flame of fire. Then the Spirit of God will help you see the intense sparkle of compassion and love in Jesus’ eyes. Lock eyes with Him and soon your confidence in Him will soar and your life will reflect the radiant light of Christ to a world desperate for hope.

—Sandy Davis Kirk, Ph.D.
Author / Founder of Camp America Ablaze, Inc.
and Behold Ministries)