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Writing hope on hearts
Speaking life into dry bones

I help you see yourself the way God sees you!

Meet Krissy


Weekly Devotionals to encourage, inspire & proclaim TRUTH. Writing hope on your heart as you journey through the day-to-day. Daring you to dream again with God. Living everyday fearless.


Empowering, equipping, training and activating people to agree with God. To agree with what He says about you, thinks about you and has promised you. God thinks you can do anything…


Speaking hope to the hopeless and life into dry bones. I desire to see the lost found in Christ. And the children of God arise. God sees a wellspring of greatness inside of you!


Mother of two amazing children and a wife to one studly man of God. Helping you see yourself the way God sees you. Inspiring you to dream again with God as I dare to do the same.

How can I be praying with you today?

Do you need someone to pray with you? Some times it just feels nice to connect with someone who genuinely cares and know they are listening. If you need prayer, please don’t hesitate to contact me. If you’re just one of those people who like to connect with other believers, please—contact me! I’d love to connect! Look forward to hearing from you and praying with you! In Christ, Krissy