I help people see themselves the way God sees them.

Krissy is a mother of two children under 7yrs, Jenessa  and Justice. She and her husband Donovan were married in 2002 in Novi, MI and love to serve the Lord together as a family. Krissy is author of Created for The Impossible: Break Every Hindering Thought, Believe What God Says About You releasing everywhere May 16, 2017 via Destiny Image. She is a speaker and founder of Not Alone Ministries.

Krissy overflows with the joy of the Lord! She is passionate about life, her family, and spreading the love of Jesus to people in the everyday. Since 2012 she has been writing hope on people’s hearts through various media and print outlets.

Join Krissy as her walk will lead you to experience God’s special, unique love for you, come into an understanding of God’s divine plan for you and how to walk fully in the leading and power of the His Holy Spirit!

She regularly holds women’s conferences and ministers at out reaches across the nation.

Krissy and her husband Donovan have a non-profit ministry, Not Alone Ministries. Through Not Alone, together as a team, they desire to see Jesus become the common thread among families. In 2012 Krissy founded a ministry just for moms, Not Alone MOM where she and a team of writers from across the country write a message of hope to moms that through the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of motherhood, “You’re not alone”.

She feels a deep compelling to release a word of hope and unwavering truth to a generation who deems everything as relative and up for interpretation. She desires to see the shackles of fear broken and God’s children rising up in boldness. She has a heart for those who feel brokenhearted, discouraged and just plain stuck—unable to move forward—helping you move past your own limitations and stepping into the impossible realm of God’s Kingdom. Discovering and agreeing with His divine plan for your life!

Speaking to a GENERATION: I help lead people to experience the depths of God’s divine love for you, understand that He has a divine plan for your life and realize that you can do it! No matter what it is, even if it seems impossible, God empowers and equips you to fulfill His plan!


What inspires me most about Krissy’s preaching is the love that radiates from her heart. She inspires me to love God more deeply and to love others more purely. She always keeps Christ and His blood central in her preaching because He is the source of the light she carries. When she walks into a room, it’s like sunshine streams through the door and fills the room. When you hear her speak, your heart will flood with His glory.

Dr. Sandy Kirk

President, Behold Ministries

Krissy knows how to flow with the movement of Holy Spirit and this is the wonderful place she ministers out of. I’ve worked with her first hand and have had the joy to see this in action.

At the day’s end, Krissy is the kind of minister that our world so desperately needs. We don’t need more bells and whistles; we need authentic men and women who are unashamed to speak truth, unafraid to demonstrate compassion, and uncompromised in following the movement of Holy Spirit.

In short, Krissy Nelson knows how to communicate a message that is birthed out of her “well” of personal experience and encounter with God. This makes her relatable, yes, but also powerful. She only gives away what she has first been given. She only transfers what has first been transferred to her. I certainly don’t know of every unique experience Krissy’s had with God, or testimony she has to share, I do know that when she ministers, her priority is being a vessel who is overshadowed by God’s presence. In turn, she effectively connects others with the One who has so powerfully touched her life.

Through Krissy’s personal ministry, speaking, preaching and writing, you will truly be welcoming a treasure to the body of Christ—one whose great joy is to connect others with the living God.

Larry Sparks

Author of Breakthrough Faith and co-author of The Fire That Never Sleeps, Publisher, Destiny Image

As Krissy Nelson’s pastor for several years I have been able to first hand observe her behavior as a mom, spouse, Christian and speaker. I can personally say she is a women of passion and integrity.  She has walked the walk so she can give the talk!  I believe she is a voice for this generation to hear what the Lord is saying today to those in similar journeys!

Dr. Evon Horton

Pastor, Brownsville Assembly of God

Krissy breathes life to the hopeless and restores sight to those perishing without vision. The embers of your dreams will be fanned through her contagious joy, convicting exhortation/encouragement and truth. Her ministry removes limits that hold people captive. Her love hopes all things, believes all things and will empower you to endure all things. As you read her book or listen to her speak you will feel the cries of your heart heard and then answered with practical steps to bring them into reality. She will find the extraordinary in the ordinary parts of your heart.

Kevin & Mary Wells

Founders, His Reward Ministries

In these days of pop-Christianity, it’s rare to find someone who truly marches to the voice of God, rather than to what’s in vogue. But that’s Krissy Nelson. Her preaching is passionate and authentic. Her character is steadfast and upright. Her life is Spirit-led and Spirit-empowered. Certainly, Krissy’s qualities make for a powerful instrument in the hands of God—one that I know will shape the Church and the world for many years to come.

Kyle Winkler

Author, Silence Satan, Kyle Winkler