“If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent.” Psalm 91:9-10

It’s easy for us to turn to God in times of crisis. Even as the dust settles we remain in a place of daily prayer and time in His presence for refuge and strength. But what about when time has passed and the crisis is somewhere way behind us? What then? Do we remain in relationship Jesus beyond the crisis?

Think of your time in prayer as medicine. Your prayer closet is your hospital. Jesus is your doctor. And as your crisis remains you’ve admitted yourself to this divine hospital system. You are in in-patient care. You trust your doctor and His prognosis (a hope and a future). And you’ve built a beautiful relationship him throughout your time in his care.

When you’ve recovered—the crisis has passed—it’s time to leave the hospital. You’re given a fresh start and can move home returning to life as normal.

This is the way it usually happens in life when physical ailments strike. But what we need to realize is that our soul is unique and needs constant care from our Great Physician Jesus Christ. Just because a crisis passes our soul still needs “in-patient” care.

Why? Because our soul is eternal. And this world gets hard. Our soul can only find strength and comfort it needs from our great Comforter, Jesus.

FRIEND, your soul cannot be maintained simply by doing good works, or through your talents, your career, or even your friends and family. They can’t give your soul the rest it needs. Only Jesus can do that. “Come to me all who are weary and you will find rest for your souls”(Matt. 11:29). This is an open invitation from the Son Himself to come to Him. The Father ripped open the heavens to send His Son to the earth to extend this very important invitation God’s people. And it remains open for us today; and every day.

TODAY: Decide today to admit your soul as an “in-patient” to the presence of God. Let your prayer room be your hospital and Jesus to become your Great Physician. Allow His divine rest to refresh and water your soul.

READ: Psalm 62:1-2; Psalm 139:13-14; Psalm 19:7

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