“But God demonstrates his love for us in this: while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

It’s easy to get stuck in a place of “what can I bring”? We go to a potluck at work and we want to know “what can I bring?” We attend a baby shower and ask, “What can I bring?” And we come before the Lord and think, “What can I bring?” While this is kind and good of us to give and serve there comes a point when we need to remember, when we come before God all He wants you to bring is you.

You are enough for Jesus!

I wonder how many of us have felt this way before. That haze of doubt, wondering how we can go before the Lord when we feel we have nothing to bring. Nothing left to give. He gave so much for us we have to bring something, right? Well… yes, this is correct. But you need to be assured in this: Christ died for you. You. Not your ministry. Not your talent. Not your beauty. Not your career. He died for you. So that you could be reconciled to the Father once and for all. Heart to heart. Spirit to spirit. Soul to soul.

FRIEND: God wants you to know today that you are enough. Just as you are. You are enough for Jesus. If He sent His son for us while we were yet sinners then how much more will He receive us now, as born again believers washed in the blood of Christ Jesus Your Lord. Through all your messes. Through all your pain. Discouragement. Disappointment. God wants you to be assured today that who you are is enough. Come just as you are. Come boldly and with confidence and find rest for your soul today.

TODAY: Embrace that who you are is enough for Jesus and allow His love to refresh and water your soul.

READ: 1 John 4:19-21; Psalm 36:5-7; Ephesians 3:14-21

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